How to Prepare for Breastfeeding While Pregnant

Learn about latch, nipple pain, milk supply, and pumping from an expert.

Have you ever heard someone say...

- "Don't worry about breastfeeding TOO much, you'll figure it out!"

- "There's NOTHING you can do to prepare, you'll just have to wait." (research actually tells us that a prenatal breastfeeding course is the number one indicator of breastfeeding success).

- "Expect pain while breastfeeding, it's just part of the deal."

In this workshop I'll teach you...

- the magic open button for baby's mouth. 

- What's most important in the first 1,000 minutes postpartum. 

- A plan B if baby doesn't latch right away. 

Knowing these things beforehand can ABSOLUTELY make your breastfeeding experience more enjoyable and joyful.

Hope to see you in the workshop!

XO, Lindsey


Presented by


Lindsey Shipley

Lindsey Shipley is an RN, Childbirth Educator, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, cancer survivor, and mom of 3.  After being a labor and delivery RN for 5 years, Lindsey saw too many moms feel scared and unsure when it came to breastfeeding.  She overheard lots of differing opinions and conversations on “the right way” or “the best way” to breastfeed.  It’s no wonder moms can feel overwhelmed and unsure.  Lindsey set out to change all that with Lactation Link! 

Through the Lactation Link video classes and online support forum, she has created reliable, research-based information that is also easily accessible.  She is based in Utah, but her customer base is everywhere because of her online classes and e-consults.  Check-in on instagram @lactationlink

Here's what some of our Laclink mamas have to say!

"Honestly the way Lindsey expresses herself, it just makes me want to join the team and advocate for breastfeeding even though I've never done it (first pregnancy) , she has great energy!"


"Thank you for helping me lay a foundation about the things I can do to prepare for successful breastfeeding before baby is born. At least now, I have some notes about additional things I can do or try to help us be successful."


"It was a great workshop and have a lot of good needed information!"


"Thank you for offering a free session! FTM here and all things baby can add up and get SO expensive."


"I will definitely be attending more workshops if you have them in the future!"